Social research & writing


Feature: The Life of a Judge Remembered – Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Eusoffe Abdoolcader

Published in Off The Edge, Oct 2006

With a passion to document forgotten histories, we turn memories into relevant narratives for the reader. This 4-page feature documents the life and times of Malaya’s greatest forgotten legal mind. We pitched the writing brief; conducted interviews and secondary research; obtained all legal copyright sign-offs for reproduction of photos, graphics, quotes; and produced the final writings for this piece.

Technical research & writing


Cover Story: The State of Basel III

Published in Banking Insights for the Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers, June 2016

As we specialise in technical writing, in this article, we developed the brief, conducted research on the banking sector and wrote the article for this overview on Basel III compliance with special focus on ASEAN.

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Feature: Know Your Client

Published in Banking Insights for the Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers, June 2016

In this feature, we crafted the brief for approval, conducted research and interviewed New York-based Alacra’s vice president Kelvin Dickinson to trek new trends in KYC compliance for banking.

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Media Kit

BPAM-folderBond Pricing Agency Malaysia

Commissioned for rebranding of Malaysia’s only fair valuation agency for Ringgit-denominated bonds, 2010

Copywriting and designing a series of marketing collaterals – press kit folder, corporate profile, inlays, ads – to mark the company’s rebranding. The press kit features a single-pocket, custom die-cut folder for holding business cards and spacious pockets to hold brochures, presentation materials.

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Australian Maverick Charts Synergies for Biotech

Published in The Edge Financial Daily, Sep 20, 2010

An exclusive interview with Nobel Laureate Prof. Dr. Barry Marshall, whose discovery of helicobacter pylori bacteria saved millions. His no-holds-barred approach spawned a comic book and outright ban of the practice in science. Taking it to the next level, he shares on the commercialisation of his discovery to save millions more from scourge of HIV/AIDS and the future of biotechnology.

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