Over the years, our Awake Minds Trainings have impacted thousands of youth and adults. Beneficiaries include:
  • university & college graduates
  • mid-career professionals
  • aspiring entrepreneurs
  • under-resourced youth
  • refugees from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia 
Here’s what they say about Awake Minds:
Sadashiva Vasudevan, Awake Minds 2015/16 in New Straits Times (page 8)
Sadashiva Vasudevan, Awake Minds 2015/16 in New Straits Times (page 8)

Hello sponsors,

I hope you are having a great day.

My name is Sadashiva from SMK LA SALLE BRICKFIELDS and I was honoured enough to join the Awake Minds programme 2015. I’m very thankful for your help for letting me participate in this program.

Beginning of this programme I told Ms. Angela that I had a difficulty in speech or as known as stuttering. I’ve been stuttering since I was young and I was always afraid to talk to people so I was very reserved and never outspoken. Ms. Angela thought me ways to overcome my stuttering.

I kept doing what Ms. Angela thought me and a few months after I was chosen to become a prefect. As I was a prefect I had duties to be a host for weekly assemblies. At first I was nervous to become a host but I never gave up and I kept practising Ms. Angela’s exercises. One week I was chosen to become the host and I successfully did it without stuttering and my confidence became better.

Later that year I sang and danced at my uncle’s wedding dinner in front of 500 people.

This year my confidence has increased so much and being a prefect I’ve hosted lot of assembly and I’m finally loving myself all thanks to Ms. Angela and my sponsors.

Last but not least, last year in my PT3 exams I got 6A’s and I was the best student in my school. My picture even came out in the New Straits Times and that made my family very proud of me. especially my mother being a single mother.

Lastly, thank you so much for allowing me to participate in this programme. I hope one day I can help another student to earn confidence.





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rock climb 7

To: My Sponsor

Hello!! I want to say thank you for sponsoring me for Awake Minds programme. I really appreciate it because it help me a lot after joining this programme.

This programme teach me how to be calm, technique of relaxing and mostly make me more confident in what I do. The most important things this programme make me brave to make new friends and care about them. I hope your kindness will be repay from God J

I also hope you always be healthy. Thank you very much for all of it 😀

Always have a great day!!

From: Naem


beech-leaf-228249_1920 Hi Ms Angela,

The first thing I read this morning was your email and this indeed made my day. Something positive is definitely a better kick start for me as compared to reading something like another massacre in Syria, or wherever. This is a long lost feeling – that I used to love weekends whenever we have AwakeMinds. That I used to always think that the world is a beautiful place.

Thank you for bringing this feeling back to me Ms Angela. You had never fail to motivate me. I’m so glad to know about what X and Y thought, even happier to know that they had seen the impact of AwakeMinds had on us. For me, it is not only about helping them to get on the right track. It is a reflection for me, after half a year ending AwakeMinds, how far am I still intact with the lessons I learnt throughout last year. Honestly I think I am starting to lose my positivity. However, a chat with the new batch becomes a push for me as well. Refreshing my memory with AwakeMinds gives me energy to go further, and hopefully grows to be stronger.

I never had a chance to tell you that my mum asks me to thank you. You might want to ask why. Well, she thought that I had become a better person after I finished with AwakeMinds. She was always worried since my high school years that I will become an unethical professional – lawyer, doctor, accountant, whatever profession. If someone ask me before AwakeMinds whether I’d choose ethics or money, I would never hesitate and choose money over ethics. That worried my mum a lot, yet she told me she didn’t know what to do at that point. Telling me what is right doesn’t mean that she could lead me on the right track. She said she wants to thank you for doing this difficult job for her.

It meant a lot to me when she told me that she need not to worry about me anymore because now she believes that whatever I do in the future I’d be able to take good care of myself – in an ethical way. And yeah, she said AwakeMinds is worth her money 🙂

I think AwakeMinds provides value that money can’t buy. Questions on ethics were never easy, yet now I know I am able to hold a strong ground on what I believe is right. Although true challenge is yet to come, but I know that the right path is there. Probability of I will be able to stay on the right one is high 🙂

My weekend is again beautiful because of AwakeMinds. Thank you Ms Angela. I am so glad that you have another lovely batch of student :p with you this year.

~ Name withheld

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