Land Below The Wind (Special Edition)

by Agnes Newton Keith


A Borneo classic, this 1939 international bestseller about life in pre-war British North Borneo (now Sabah in Malaysia), contains:

  • Exclusive photos from the Jean Knappett and Johnson's Collections
  • Insight into the Keith household by Stephen Holley (first State Secretary of Sabah post-indepedence; under secretary to the governor of British North Borneo pre-independence)
  • Reproduction of original sketches by Agnes Newton Keith.


No book about pre-war British North Borneo has captivated the imagination of generations as did Land Below the Wind, about the first-hand account of the people in the territory that was the last to be added to the British Empire in 1946. Agnes and Harry Keith will stand apart as the two most influential people to have walked the land as their contributions were unparalleled and nothing short of iconic. 


Agnes left her job as a San Francisco Examiner journalist to join her husband, Harry, the Conservator of Forests in the administration of the British North Borneo Chartered Company. 


Land Below the Wind has now become the famous nom de guerre for Sabah while Harry who feared that the land would lost its priceless forests, was instrumental in identifying and gazetting many of the protected forests so that they cannot be touched, besides finding an amicable solution among competing interests in the Madai Cave birds nest trade. 


Not only does Land Below the Wind rank as an interesting read in terms of a factual account of an era that was the closest to a shangri-la, but is also second to none as a classic piece of modern English literature.


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  • Paperback - Special Edition

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