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'We will be known forever by the tracks we leave behind' ~ Dakota tribe

Our workshop repairs and restores rare books and valuable artefacts.
We are commissioned to document and preserve rich histories in digital and physical formats.


The Legal Lion of the Commonwealth: His Lordship Eusoffe Abdoolcader

A 13-year research project spanning 4 continents, this book is the first in a series to revive the lost legacy of the Abdoolcaders in Malaya. The research is independently undertaken and funded by Akasaa.

mission: Repair & RESTORE

Watch how we undo mistakes of a previous "restorer" and bring a 90-year-old heirloom bible back to its former glory.

Mould, tears, authentic matching of paper sources and preserving an old spine weave designs were just some of the major hurdles we encountered in restoring this beautiful book to reflect the glory of God's word.

The project took about 4 months of work with several specialists lending their expertise.

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Electrician at Work


Tattered covers, broken spine, fallen out and torn pages. We were brought in to creatively restore a rare book for a family's priceless collection.

We were challenged to breathe 'new life' to this limited edition coffee table book of Singapore leaders. We opted to give the broken cover a regal, modern update  with custom gold hot stamp, red hot faux leather (symbolic of 'the little red dot') and gold book corners.

The project took over 3 months with special papers and items that had to be sourced at the height of the pandemic.

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