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for our partners

Intuitive. Precise. Discreet.
We take your matters personally. 

Real results call for a multidisciplinary approach. We're led by ex-Big Four strategists with diverse experience in global development agencies, regulatory environments, corporates and non-profits. Our unique perspectives bring together outstanding talents, an extensive network for a 'finger on the pulse' and true business acumen to solve your toughest challenges. Since 2008, our partners trust us to: 


  • Run PMOs (Agile & waterfall)

  • Advise on strategic issues

  • Execute change management + brand strategies

  • Support crisis management

  • Manage protocol and media

  • Lead/support briefings and discourse

  • Conduct independent research projects and audits

  • Advise on financing and commercialisation




Our clients rely on us to understand their long-term goals and develop strategic content that will get them there. For a bond pricing agency, this meant communicating its vision and new products in 'Version 2.0' of its rebrand to stakeholders of financial regulators, bankers, asset managers, and global media agencies. We developed communications kits, streamlined their corporate logo and conceptualised a series of 6 ads to position the brand and introduce its expanded universe of products and services, including fair-value index-building and custom data builds. 

With our deep understanding of finance and experience with regulatory agencies, we armed our client with an arsenal of content tools that resonated with the market, launched their next brand iteration in the fair-value space in order to expand into new global markets.

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Media & communication kits


Ads & advertorials


Corporate logo rebrand


All Hands In

victory for Diversity

When the corps diplomatique of an emergent nation sought to highlight a case of discrimination against its national and desired to begin a conversation to address systemic profiling issues, they turned to Akasaa for our commitment and deft hand at navigating sensitive issues of diversity and inclusion (D&I) and experience in international human rights lobby. 

Through a series of strategic communications and media management, the content sparked support from others in the global community and discussions at the national level. We provided positioning and analysis into international conventions and its proper applications, project support and media management for balanced coverage and perspective. Our work, which weighed in positively with officials, helped create a united platform for discussion with stakeholders and elevated our partner's public persona, resulting in greater awareness of their D&I position and another step towards equality.


Internal & external communications


Press management


Exclusive interviews

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Project support


Urban Skyline

STREET CRED & market share

Strong, lasting relationships are a cornerstone of our firm.

When the stakes are high; when the issue seems moot; when you want more than business-as-usual. We use all our expertise, all our relationships and all our fight to overcome our clients’ challenges.

In a time when public perception is top-of-mind, we sign on to ensure our partners win at gaining both 'street cred' and market share.

Driven by an experienced team from all sides of the spectrum, we hold crucial roles that shape perception to gain traction on high-impact issues in business and finance—sustainability, ethics, technical standards, policy and reform.

Our knack for data-driven research, coupled with an instinct in risk forecasting, keeps us on the cutting edge. 




Quant & Qual research


Optimisation strategies


Boutique advisory

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