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Meanwhile in Zambia: A Graphic Novel

by Vincent Heselwood


"If you want sugar coating, go buy a donut. You wont find it here."


Part memoir, part travelogue and part comedy, Meanwhile in Zambia recounts the author's experiences with his partner Sasha, working with rural communities in the Southern Province of Zambia.


Packing their bags from Glossop, UK, they head to Africa to teach in Monze and Mazabuka. From intoxicating ‘shake shake’ to tie-dyed chitenghis, this is their sojourn from 2010 to 2013. Funny, at times shocking but always truthful, this expressive graphic novel is a warts-and-all snapshot of a vibrant, beautiful and endlessly fascinating country.


A pièce de résistance by this budding British illustrator.


About the Author


Born and raised in Manchester, Vincent Heselwood has been an educator for over a decade. His philosophy – Achievement through enjoyment – injects humour, novelty and most importantly fun, into lessons across a range of subjects including History, Art, Theory of Knowledge and, of course, his first love, English Language and Literature.


When it comes to pupil engagement, Vincent believes in not only pushing the envelope, but folding it into a paper plane and letting it fly across the room. He has taught both in schools that are on the cutting edge of technology and in places with no technology at all, but always in new and innovative ways to get the best for and from his students.


Whether through hand drawn art/cartoons to explain complex concepts or employing an active, enquiry- and games-based approach to learning, Vincent always has another creative trick up his sleeve.


His brand of storytelling is captured and published for the very first time in this graphic novel.


A former student sums it all in this tweet to the International Baccalaureate Organisation: "The IB Educator I'd like to thank is Vincent Heselwood, for being the greatest, most creative English teacher that redefined how I viewed teaching in classrooms. #weareIB"


SKU: 978 967 5764 04 2
  • Paperback

    Genre : Young Adult/ Graphic Novel

    Pages : 92pp

    Weight: 313g

    Size: 20.7 x 29.1 x 0.8cm


    ISBN: 978 967 5764 04 2

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