edge logo square“The Legal Lion of the Commonwealth”

Exclusive feature on His Lordship Justice Eusoffe Abdoolcader’s book, lauded by the British press as ‘The Legal Lion of the Commonwealth’. Read the feature here. Get your copy here.



“British High Commission hosts women’s entrepreneur boot camp”

The British High Commission marked International Women’s Day 2017 in a collaboration with Akasaa to upskill aspiring youth and women with critical technical know-how to start up their business. Read the BHC Daily Express feature.



“Eyeing A Good Hatch”

Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARC) is keen to give anyone with a great business idea a chance to lift off with its TARC Incubator. Akasaa is one of the Incubator’s ecosystem partners. Read the feature.

TARUC logo


“TAR UC Launches TARC Incubator”

The TARC Incubator has partnered with DOERS Education Group, GDS Medianet, Malaysia Peng Siong Teh Clan Association, Deloitte Tax Services, Securities Services, KOJADI, AKASAA and Cradle Fund. Read the feature.



“Conference for Change: Women’s Pride”

An event in support of women’s empowerment and the change within. Join Pure Life’s Datin Paduka Mother Mangalam, Cempaka’s Dato Freida Pilus, Akasaa’s Angela Yap, BFM’s Freda Liu and others in this one-day event. Details of the conference here.


prestige logo“The League of Extraordinary Women”

In celebration of both TAG Heuer and Cameron Diaz’s commitment to good causes and International Women’s Day, Prestige pays tribute to three empowered Malaysian women who truly represent the spirit of giving back to society – co-founder of Pure Charity, Sham Van Boonstra-Nasution; environmentalist Yasmin Rasyid; and Angela Yap, Founder of Akasaa. Read the feature.



“Changing The World With Words” – 8 Nov 2015

An interview with Angela Yap on forwarding social impact through Akasaa’s publications. Read the feature.


BERNAMA-logo.png“Queen of Nonya Cuisine Dines With Dragons” – 8 Nov 2015

National newswire on launch of Dining With Dragons on Nov 6, 2015 at the Royal Selangor Golf Club, launched by the British High Commissioner Victoria Treadell CMG MVO.




“Stirring Up The Past” – 2 Nov 2015

Interview with Dining With Dragons’ Chef Carol Selva Rajah and Dr Abel Arumugam. Read the feature.



bfm-89.9-the-business-station-image“Awakening Minds” – 12 Nov 2015

It’s been 7 years since Akasaa’s first series on this radio station. Back then, it was still a fledgling entity and how things have changed. We speak to Freda Liu on Hervantage about our work thus far. Listen to the interview.



thestaronline“Carol Selva Rajah’s 14th Book Honours Her Mentors” – 27 Sep 2015

The Star 2 online speaks to bestselling author & internationally acclaimed ‘Superchef’ Carol Selva Rajah. Read here.


thestar“Driven by dragons in Her Life” – 27 Sep 2015

The Star 2 features Dining With Dragons, our next book by bestselling author & internationally acclaimed ‘Superchef’ Carol Selva Rajah. Read here.


focus logo “Queen of the Kitchen” – 8 Sep 2015

FocusWeek interviews Chef Carol Selva Rajah on her latest Food Memoir, Dining With Dragons, and her life as an internationally acclaimed chef. Read here.


“Fans Fund Food Memoir” – 8 Sep 2015

Australian daily catches Chef Carol Selva Rajah to hear about her crowdfunding initiative to launch “Dining With Dragons”. Read here.



“Cooking from the Heart & Dining With Dragons” – 9 Sep 2015

Interview with Chef Carol Selva Rajah on her latest Food Memoir and bringing it to reality. Read here.



Women of the Future Summit – Oct 2013

Akasaa Founder speaks at the London Summit, the UK’s biggest gathering of women in business, at the invitation of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, including a distinguished panel comprisingDr. Lakshmi Venu, Joint Managing Director of Sundaram-Clayton Ltd, and Julie Hawthorne OBE, Britain’s youngest ambassador. Read more.



United Kingdom & Eire Council for Malaysian Students – Jan 2013

Teaser trailer for Projek Amanat Negara X @ Thistle Marble Arch, London, 27 Jan 2013. Akasaa speaks on “The Rise of Civil Society: Is Malaysia ready for a direct democracy?” Watch the video.



Warwick International Development Summit – Jan 2013 “The Faces of International Development: Old Ideas, New Solutions”. Angela Yap writes on “Flesh Trade & The Greater Mission”, a tribute Stefan Gigacz, Rungtip, Rungrote for the Young People For Development experience. Also features MIT Prof. of Economics, Daron Acemoglu, winner of the 2012 Erwin Plein Nemmers Prize in Economics; Dr. Omar Moav, Dr. Ben Richardson; Aleksandra Katolik; Athena Sharma; James Evans; Tim Dobermann; Sabrina Marsh. Read here.


prestige logo

Prestige Magazine Malaysia – Nov 2012

“Managing Yaa-hoos!” author & Akasaa founder, Angela Yap, makes “Top 40 Under 40”, an award recognising up-and-coming captains of industry under 40. Read here.



Most Successful Women Award – May 2012

On its inaugural Most Successful Women Awards in 2012, Akasaa Founder, Angela Yap receives the award for her work on social entrepreneurship in Malaysia. Click here to read the magazine feature in Mandarin. Watch the video.

Nominated Great Women of Our Time – Oct 2011

Akasaa Founder nominated for Great Women of Our Time 2012 Award. Read here.



“Australian Maverick Charts Synergies for Biotech” – Sep 2010

Akasaa Founder interviews Nobel Laureate, Prof. Barry Marshall, in this exclusive interview on the Biotech industry. Click here to read the article: Read here.



Business FM 89.9 – Sep  2010

President Obama sets aside $50 million fund for social enterprise. Akasaa’s view on funding social innovations in Malaysia. Listen to the podcast.



Business FM 89.9

The first social enterprise series on national radio? In this 4-parter on social enterprise made way back in year 2009, Akasaa talks on what the sector is, the international interest surrounding it and the future for the model in Asia as the alternative to ‘business as usual’.

Listen to the series here:

Part I: Dec 1, 2009 – Pilot social enterprise series on BFM.

Part II: Jan 19, 2010 – Going beyond run of the mill CSR.

Part III: Feb 2, 2010 – Interview with Alicia Polak, Khaya Cookie Company.

Part IV: Feb 10, 2010 – Setting up a social enterprise, funding, capital and review mechanisms.

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